The Moment

French Icon Exhibition at BACC

We all assumed that people are wondering about having fabulous life.
To own all luxury, expensive, object that others couldn't have.
But, what's the fuzz all about, anyway?

Take a look at a fake LV bag that you could find anyway in the street market.
People are buying them even they know it fake, Nice job LV, You made it!

Apart from the fake stuff, let's take a moment when you look at these (so called) expensive/luxury items (for some that can't afford or said they didn't value/worship this product), but some might....

"It's can be a piece of art, we could say that.
When you ever take a closer look at this classic LV trunk.
You will get the feeling of what I am talking about.
The classic monogram defined the history of them all,
you can even smell the leather behind the window display somehow."

This is the moment of pleasure, my pleasure, I said.
Even I never own one of the LV, but this moment made me so exciting as if it were mine.

I don't need to have them, it doesn't define me.
But I just appreciate the fact that it has the story that can take my breath away.

Thanks to The Vintage Dolls that come to share the moment with me :)

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