Writing About Yourself

How many times do they make you write about yourself since you were in school,
college, workplace and so on. And every time, you don't know what to write,
like you don't even know yourself. Is it just me or other as well?

In the topic in such an application, they will ask you to write about yourself
and I was like......
and end with the same thing every time. Is this the normal thing or
you (I) didn't really get to know myself very well or
myself is not that interesting to know.

"Oh, poor me! My Life is Just Too BORING"

But my question is how will you describe yourself?
From who you really are or just faking it?
I think it's really hard as when you are saying like

"You love challenging works, but never thought that the challenging work

you are doing is too bored as much as your life" and that makes you wonder
if that are really what you would like to do?

I mean maybe, just maybe, it 's just only me only me who bored of myself
as much as writing the truth about myself. As many times as I want to express
myself in very exciting way, just to say why my life is so boring and dark.
BUT, who will accept that kind of people in their faculty or their firm.
Not to forget that they all love those positive attitude,
BUT again that what they want and not what they never give.

"Oh, Hope, please shine on me"

It's naturally that people don't like to accept the truth, why?
Because, it's hurting them so badly.
Like sticking the knife into your body when u are free.
So, what they normally do is to lie about themselves.

" Said, Tomorrow gonna be okay.
Said, Think of the bright side, maybe....
Well, STOP IT people, Accept it! that.... "

Tomorrow never will be okay, helloooooo, wakie wakie
Rise and shine, people

I mean, please don't take this seriously, It's just an out-loud thought of the one
who can't really really (really) think of anything to write about herself. 

"Said, lay"
so, hmmmm..... Let's start with my name is.......