Not So Ready for Glastonbury

I know it should be denim summer short,
but since you not feel ready for it'
so here 's the option! :-)

Modern Art Now Ready to Serve

In this series, your favorite Modern Art now can be seen on the plate at Vienna's Mumok Museum of Modern Art Restuarant and Hotels. Each pieces of masterpiece has been transformed into food on the placemats.

Created by Bauer Concept and Design

Photograph by Janto Lenherr and Michael Stobl

Source: Trendland

Rock It Up!

I know that it not the season to rock, but in any sake I just love this style. :-)

p.s. You can visit my Polyvore set from the link on the side bar
in order to see the credit of any images and brands in the set.

The Re-branding of French Macarons

The re-branded and redesigned French macarons of The Theurel & Thomas
has brought macaron back to live, yet classic, and luxury.

The high contrast between the color of macaron and white interior
make the products more than just colorful.

Thanks to the greatest work from Anagram Design Agency
The store is located in San Pedro, Mexico. If you are around there, why not dropping by?

Now Ready for You to Scan

Hope this will help you guys to visit the site easier

New YSL's fragrance packaging by Axel Peemoeller

New Packaging from YSL's fragrance, which created by Axel Peemoeller.
The design is very vibrant and energetic. I can smell the freshness from this packaging.
This is one of the collection the YSL worship and art collector might not want to miss!

Shop over the weekend

After wandering around the heart of Bangkok Shopping Centre last Saturday.
The money was spent to new leopard leather bag as seen.
But, to be cleared that who can resist the look and cutest color ever
in this season sale for CPS (CHAPS) accessories!
And the answer is "No one!"
So it was like first come first serve and I am not gonna let this go so easily!

....and again thanks to The Vintage Dolls for the model post.

Let's make Karen Walker Sunglass as your MUST buy item!

Karen Walker’s Spring 2010 sunglasses look book

I can't resist their ads, it's just so simple while it tells the most of their characteristic
of fun, joyful and stylish. A part from that the price doesn't so expensive.
It starts from 170$-200$ :-)

So... Why not have one?

Introducing New "(The Vintage) Dolls" on the Blog

Here is the new blog that will make you unstoppable browsing through her page'
She is now publish 50 posts already and it is not even one month :-)
The blog is lovely and amazingly interest from her taste of fashion.

It's the lady who goes GaGa again

Lady Gaga | Alejandro Video Premiere | Jun 8, 2010

Not to talk about how famous she is and what she is wearing right now,
but it how her music video capture people eyes'
This is one of the best video that shows a very powerful-ironically image.
It's such a bring out song, enjoy :-)

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